Our Tabis are made up of strong and durable calf leather. We do not use any inner layer as this is the best for the comfort, hygiene and life of the Tabis. The Tabis are very durable. Usually it will take years to get them fall apart, still it depends on how you wear and abuse them.

You can wipe and even wash your Tabis. Sometimes they may shrink a bit but once you can put them on they will adapt your feet again. Washing the Tabis will reduce the lifetime of the product. We use black color on our regular Tabis. If you want different colors please let us know.

We use velcros instead of Kohaze as Kohaze may get rusty in time. Also velcros is more comfortable. We have a special elastic band on the ankle sothat even you have thick ankles you can still enjoy our Tabis.

Our Tabis are ankle high.

Tabi $64.99

Shipping for one pair $24.99 ( Please ask us for combined shipping prices if you get more than 1 pair.)

Please add $10.00 extra for sizes larger than 45 EU.