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Leather Tabi

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Our Tabis are made up of Calf leather. We do not use any inner layer as this is the best for the comfort, hygiene and life of the Tabis. The Tabis are very durable. Usually it will take years to get them fall apart, still it depends on how you wear and abuse them.



Use the Kyahan to tuck your pants. It also gives you a safer feeling with a better look.



Our Tekkos will give you a better look as well as giving your forearm a protection feeling.

You can also hide your Shurikens inside the Tekko.


Special Tekko

The difference between our two Tekkos is that our special Tekko has hand cover.


Who We Are And Why Leather Tabi

My name is Ercan Şarbat, a Bujinkan Dai Shihan from Istanbul. When I went to Japan and bought cotton Tabis they did not last long... Sometimes a week was enough to get them apart. I decided that I could produce a high quality Tabi that can last for years. As I am at the home of the best leather goods in the world I decided to make leather Tabis with my shoe maker. Then leather  Tekko, Kyahan, and Special Tekko ideas popped up. We are happy to see many many satisfied Buyus around the world that come again for second and third times to get our products again. I saw a few guys in Japan who said that they wore those Tabis for the last 5 years (usually our Tabis last for 2-3 years) Hatsumi Sensei sometimes wear my Tabis.. He usually prefer socks thou, you know him.

Many Dojos around the world gets their Tabis from us and benefit the Dojo discount. I even send Tabis to Japan. Many Dojos around the world prefer our Tabi and we have more than 95% satisfaction from friends.

As we use these products at our Dojo every week (we traind 4 days a week and I use them 6 times a week) We can test themn all the time. We constantly update our products and make them more comfortable. All of our products and make them more comfortable. All of our products and make them more comfortable. All of our products are handmade in Turkey, the home of the best leather products. Not made in China. 

All of our products are for indoor use. I see some people wear them out side but the soles are leather or suede so it is not advised.

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